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Ask the Creator!

Real Name: Jessica

pic_jess003.gif (41397 bytes)

Q. Wait a minute... But you're a girl!
A. Good job, Sherlock! And just why exactly were you expecting a guy, hmmm?
Q. How did you come up with the idea for a comic strip?
A. One fine day, Em and I were goofing off in art class as usual. And wouldn't you know it, I said the darndest words: "Em, we should have a cartoon or something about us. We're funny!" "Yeah! That would be cool." And that was it. I actually didn't have the slightest that I would carry out those infamous words, but scribbles and doodles later, A&M had they're beginning.
Q. Where did you get the title?

am_sample001.jpg (84423 bytes)

A. That's a fairly obvious answer: That would be the nicknames of Em and I, respectively. See the first episode

Q. You mean to tell me that Medieval was created after you?
A. Whoa! Somebody stop him! Sherlock's on a roll! (translation: Yeah, Medieval's created after me.) What's really cool about that is that it's a chance to be honest with myself about who I am... and laugh about it, and that's a good thing to do.
Q. Putting 2 and 2 together, does that mean that there's a real Joshua?
Yes, there is an Authentic Mumbler, and yes, he is my boyfriend. (October of 2001 marks 3 years for us.) In real life, he does speak English, but he does have his mumbling tendencies that no one can understand. And yes, I really can translate mumble.
Q. What do the real-life people think about their cartoon images?
A. I think Em gets a real kick out of it because she gets to take a look at herself from the outside and see how funny she is. She really likes to play with her alter-ego; for instance, when you see Angst put a hand over her mouth when she's laughing at Medieval... That was Em's idea. Joshua on the other hand didn't enjoy the idea too much in the beginning of being teased about his mumbling. But once he saw the "Do You Speak Mumble" quiz, he started trying to memorize his own mumblings. (So far, he's learned to say "cool" and "she loved me.") Now he's into teasing himself by giving me ideas for future episodes about the world of the mumbler. In fact, the strip has become so popular that friends of mine also ask if they could have a guest appearance in maybe one or two of the episodes...
Q. Isn't there anyone else besides you and Josh that can understand mumble?
A. Actually, yes there is. I was surprised at how I was really keeping the reality element of his mumblings in the comic when Joshua's dad took the Mumbling quiz, scoring a 72% without any help from me.
Q. What will happen when you and Em graduate?
A. We were posed with that very same question... But as you can see, that only spurred on even more episodes... and even more are soon to come. And you have to remember... This is only high school... a lot weirder things will happen while in college and the real world. We'll be sure to keep you giggling despite yourselves.
Q. How long does it take you to make an episode?
A. Depending on the length, anywhere from 15 minutes to a good hour.
Q. How much time do you spend on working on A&M?
A. On a good run (a creative spurt) I'll be living off of it for 3 days straight. I spend a fair amount of time making each episode... by hand mind you... No computer. It's really rewarding. I love it.
 Q. Angst is so cool and sexy. Are there any pictures of her in skimpy lingerie and if so, could you please post them?
 A. Hmmm... I'm afraid you're gonna have to take that up with Em herself. The closest you'll get is a spoof drawing that I've done with Em, Jess, and the Fuzzy Monkey in a 'Charlie's Angels' type of theme.
Q. Why aren't Katie and Caitlin in any of the comics as a Jay and Silent Bob type duo? What the hell is up with that?
A. If you check out the listing in Sneak Peeks under Behind the Scenes, you'll see that Katie and Caitlin are under cartoonish development. And I can promise I will stay as true as reality... as much as I can... (you never know with those two!)
Q. Why doesn't Angst have a boyfriend? I've heard there's a man in her life.
A. Yes indeed, there IS a man in her life. Again, check back to behind the scenes, and you'll notice that Lucas is in development. I had attempted him before but something was not quite right... I don't know how he'll turn out yet, though.

Is there any question (Serious, Stupid, Silly) that you'd like to ask the Creator? Send your questions here!